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Like many, I was surprised with the series of events this week in Hoboken starting with our Mayor Dawn Zimmer opting not to run for a third term. This week I have been humbled and honored by the outpouring of support from many friends, colleagues and people in our community who have expressed their support and encouraged me to run for Mayor. I am passionate about the future of our town and giving this serious consideration. I plan to publicly respond soon.

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Washington Street between Observer and 15th Sts. rehabilitation and redesign project has been awarded and construction is scheduled to begin in early January. Construction was to begin this fall but due to a frivolous law suit was delayed.
15 new traffic signals with pedestrian countdown timers
Concrete bump outs at corners
15 rain gardens
Replacement of water mains and service lines to new valve boxes at the curb
Installation of conduit for an electrical microgrid and fiber optic cabling
Refurbishment of all existing street lights with more efficient lighting fixtures
Addition of Class II unprotected bicycle lanes from Observer Highway to 8th Street
Creation of dedicated commercial loading zones
Construction Hours
Monday through Friday 7:00am to 7:00pm/6:30am to 7am setup 7pm to 8pm cleanup
Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm/8:30am to 9am setup 3pm to 4pm cleanup

Please Note: December 13th-December 15th
SUEZ Water will be inspecting water valves along Washington Street and isolating sections of the main to verify that the shutdown will hold during the replacement of the main.

Crews will be on site at approximately 9:00pm to clean out valves in preparation of the main shutdown. The water main on each block will be temporarily shut down for 10 to 15 minutes between midnight and 5:00am in order to minimize disruptions to businesses and residents.

Work will begin at Observer Highway and proceed north. Since many of the valves are old, there is the possibility of a valve breaking, and SUEZ crews will be on site to make any necessary repairs.

Project Updates
Beginning Friday, December 9th project updates will be available at
A field office will be established where the project Resident Engineer will hold regular office hours.

Commercial Deliveries & Waste
Temporary delivery zones and trash storage and pickup areas will be established for the affected businesses/residents within the work zone areas.

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Greetings Neighbors: Latest news is about the continued development of the northwest “Resiliency Park”…. The City of Hoboken is in the final stages of negotiations to acquire the BASF property, a 6-acre property in northwest Hoboken on which the City … Continue reading

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Water Main Update


Hoboken is now receiving water supplies from Weehawken until the water break in Hoboken can be fully repaired. The boil water advisory was lifted today by the New Jersey State DEP.

Repairs may take days. When the repair is made to the broken water valve in Jersey City the water main break in southwest Hoboken will be repaired as soon as possible.

The boil water advisory has been temporarily lifted in Hoboken. However, residents should check for updates throughout the next several days as the boil water advisory may again be enacted. After the main is repaired the DEP will require another precautionary boil water advisory to ensure no contamination entered the drinking water from the repair activity.

Water pressure throughout the Hoboken system has increased from yesterday. Some residents on higher floors in larger buildings may still be experiencing lower water pressure or at times no water while repairs are continuing. Conservation during peak periods or changing one’s schedule to use water during off peak periods can make a significant difference.

In order to lessen demand on the system, a water conservation advisory will continue for residents in Hoboken and Hudson County. Residents are urged to conserve water whenever possible, especially during peak periods or consider changing schedules to use less water during peak hours in the morning and evening.

While the boil water advisory is lifted, water trucks with clean drinking water will still be available as a backup until 10 pm tonight(11/24) at 333 River Street, the intersection of Newark Street and Adams Street, Hoboken High School (900 Clinton Street), Fox Hill Gardens (311 13th Street), 14th Street and Sinatra Drive, and at ShopRite (10th and Madison).

The Hoboken Fire Department remains fully operational and has the necessary resources to address any emergencies that may occur.

Residents should continue to use public transportation. Drivers are urged to enter and exit Hoboken through the north due to several street closures in southwest Hoboken. Observer Highway is closed west of Henderson Street to Jersey Avenue, and Harrison Street is closed from Paterson Avenue to Newark Street. Jackson Street is also closed from Newark Street to Paterson Avenue. Any resident that will be departing Hoboken for the Thanksgiving holiday on Wednesday should wait until the morning rush hour is over, and depart between 9 am and 3 pm.

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Water Main Update


United Water and emergency personnel remain on site of the water main break and continue to investigate the broken valve in southwest Hoboken.

Emergency water tanks have been brought in to Hoboken to allow residents to gather fresh drinking water. The locations for the water tanks are at 76 Bloomfield Street, 310-320 Jackson Street, 311 13th Street, and at 1st Street and Washington Street next to City Hall. Residents should bring a container to any of the locations. Members of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will be at all four locations to assist residents.

As a reminder, United Water has issued a precautionary notice for any Hoboken residents with water pressure to boil their water for at least one minute for the following: drinking, cooking, or baking, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula or food, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets, and all other consumption. Water does not have to be boiled for the following activities: showering, washing dishes or clothes.

Additionally, residents exiting or entering Hoboken with a vehicle should use the north end of the City and avoid the south end, so emergency crews can make the repairs.

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Water Main Update

United Water and emergency personnel continue to investigate the large water main break in Hoboken and will remain on site until repairs can be made. Water pressure could potentially be restored to Hoboken in several hours.

Additionally, United Water is advising that as a precaution, Hoboken residents should boil their water for at least one minute for the following: drinking, cooking, or baking, making ice cubes, taking medication, brushing teeth, washing food, mixing baby formula or food, mixing juices or drinks, feeding pets, and all other consumption. Water does not have to be boiled for the following activities: showering, washing dishes or clothes.

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Super-storm Sandy, looking back

Dear Neighbors:
As we approach the third anniversary of Super-storm Sandy, my thoughts are with our friends and neighbors who are still recovering from the damage. We all know many people whose homes were damaged and consequently experienced financial hardships and disruptions that lasted for an extended period of time.
However, when I think back to the hours and days following the storm I am most struck by how people banded together to help their fellow Hobokenites through this difficult time. So many people stepped up and volunteered—not because they wanted recognition-but because they truly wanted to lend a helping hand. For myself and my family we are forever grateful to those who helped us while we were displaced from our home to repair the significant damage caused by Sandy.
Hoboken’s sense of community shone through in a time of chaos which enabled us to pull through. As we reflect back on the impact of super storm Sandy on our lives and our neighbors we should feel a sense of pride as we remember how we demonstrated not only to ourselves but to an entire nation the strength and resilience of our town.
Jen Giattino


We always bounce back.


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Bike Share


Special early bird $75 annual membership rate (regularly $95/year) will end Sunday, October 11th.
17 stations and 120 bikes are active, expanding to 29 stations and 250 bikes in the coming weeks.

Here is how Hudson Bike Share works:
Customers can register for the program online at, using the nextbike smartphone application, or at solar-powered kiosks at select stations.
Annual memberships cost $95 ($75 during early bird sale) and allow for 45 minute unlimited rides. Weekly passes cost $25 and offer unlimited 30 minute trips. Single trip passes are $2 for a 30 minute trip. Additional charges apply for longer rides.
Members will be able to rent a bicycle via the nextbike mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows), with a smart card, using the bike’s on-board computer, at kiosks, or phone call via an interactive voice response system.
Users may ride anywhere within or outside of Hoboken during their rental.
A unique benefit of the next-generation technology is that riders can make mid-trip stops outside of official stations by temporarily locking up their bikes to run an errand such as visiting a supermarket or stopping for coffee. Time continues to count against the 30 or 45 minute limit until the bike is returned to an official station.
If an official station is full, Hudson Bike Share members will have the option to lock up at any nearby standard available bike rack or to lock the bike to itself and leave it next to the station without a fee.

For more information, contact For more information on Hudson Bike Share and to sign up, visit and follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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City of Hoboken prepares for potential flooding from two storm systems

Residents Urged to Review Emergency Plans and Be Prepared

The City of Hoboken Office of Emergency Management is monitoring forecasts and making preparations for two major weather systems likely to impact our area. The threat of major coastal flooding, very heavy rainfall, and inland flooding has increased for Friday and Saturday, associated with the current storm system in advance of Hurricane Joaquin.

Six to eight inches of additional rain are possible in the next week. The National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood Advisory from Thursday 6am to Friday 6am and a Coastal Flood Watch from Friday 6am to 6pm.

Hurricane Joaquin may impact the region on Sunday and into early next week and could lead to major to record flooding depending on its trajectory and strength. Prior to the possible impacts from Hurricane Joaquin, several days of heavy rain will saturate the ground and high tides caused by strong winds could make it difficult for the sewer system to naturally drain into the river.

“We are closely tracking weather forecasts, talking to experts at Stevens, and planning for a serious one-two punch from back-to-back storm systems that could cause serious flooding from late Thursday into early next week,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

“Our Office of Emergency Management team is coordinating with all departments and agencies and making preparations to ensure the safety of our community. Most importantly, now is the time for residents to make sure that they have a plan in place and are prepared for all possibilities.”

The City has plans in place to activate an Emergency Operations Center and relocate flood-prone public safety operations if necessary. The City’s high water vehicle is ready to be deployed if needed, along with several small boats. The City will be moving municipal vehicles to higher ground along Washington Street between Observer Highway and 2nd Street as well as 13th Street to 14th Street. In addition, the City is pre-positioning backup generators, filling a potable water tank, and coordinating plans to open a shelter and distribution center if necessary.

Barricades have been pre-positioned to close off streets and “No Parking” signs have been posted in the most flood-prone areas to inform drivers of the possibility of flooding. For their own safety and to protect property, drivers must obey barricades and not drive through flooded roads.

The wake generated by vehicles can cause additional flood damage to homes and businesses. Flood waters contain a mixture of rainwater and sewage, could be electrified due to fallen wires, and may conceal manhole covers that have become dislodged, so pedestrians should not walk through flooded areas.

North Hudson Sewerage Authority has been clearing out catch basins, and while a flood pump is operational, very heavy rain can still result in flooding.

Residents and businesses are urged to take the following steps to prepare:
Sign up for the City’s Reverse 911 system at and for email and text alerts through the Nixle system at
Download weather apps, monitor weather forecasts, and sign up for weather alerts.
Move parked vehicles from low-lying flood-prone areas to higher ground. A map of the most flood-prone areas is available at, however flooding is possible beyond these areas.
Bring in unsecured objects from patios and balconies and secure outdoor objects such as lawn furniture or garbage cans that could blow away and cause damage or injury.
Create a family emergency communication plan. Visit and download “Be Smart. Take Part: Create Your Family Emergency Communication Plan.”
Create an emergency kit. Some of the items in a basic emergency kit include: one gallon of water per person per day for drinking and sanitation; at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food; battery-powered radio and a NOAA Weather Radio; flashlight and extra batteries; and First Aid kit.
Make a pet emergency kit and plan. Visit for more information.
Refill prescriptions, make a list of prescriptions, and check on neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled, to make sure they are prepared.

Additional readiness tips are available at For updates, visit or sign up for email or text alerts at

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Window Signs have arrived

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If you would like a sign just email and delivery will be arranged.

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